Aberuthven Fights Back


The village of Aberuthven has been threatened by a development which could swamp the local community.

We are all familiar eith the expression N.I.M.B.Y., but this proposal is to build in the back yard, front yard, side yard... and over an entire valley. It is not only bigger than the local village, but bigger than the next nearest town.. Aucterarder.

The excuse is that it will create a "Film Studio" for Scotland. However a careful examination of the plans gives little justification or guarantee of any such development. It does however produce over 600 dwellings (in an existing community of 124), two golf courses (there are already two and the new ones are to be built in a flood plain) and new 5 star hotel (next door to Gleneagles Hotel).

Many view the publicity materials circulated to the local community to be less than accurate and some of the methods used suspect.

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